Production-City Integration, Blooming City with Production

Far Eat has utilized smart, market-oriented and international resources to enable the opportunity of innovation. Following urban development planning and industrial policies throughout the region, Far East shall effectively coordinate the relationship between industry and city, and provide core competitiveness for the development of the current “production-city integration” model in order to design the development orientation for the cooperative region in the perspective of the entire life circle.

Plan-Design service--Landscaping Service--Infrastructure Service – Associated Public Service--Industry Development Service--City Operation Services


Four Major Industries to Boost Economy

Far East focuses on the industry of manufacturing, general health, cultural tourism and business complex etc. for the region to achieve high additional value, rapidly developed and high yield industry complex in accordance with the region’s local conditions and circumstances.


New Manufacturing

China has considered the sustainable development and upgrading of manufacturing industry as a national strategy. Meanwhile, Far East shall build technology-concentrated and exemplary industry complex in accordance with the region’s local conditions and circumstances throughout the whole country.


Taiwan-fashioned community

Far East shall adopt quality developing and operating methodologies of Taiwan Communities to build a cross-strait modern business industry aggregation and Taiwan-fashioned commercial-residential community with the theme of Taiwan elements, ideals and brands. Key factor of the Community shall be the cross-strait cooperation and business development.


Recreational and Convalescent Town

To provide one-stop solution for Recreational and Convalescent Town, assist localities to find the most suitable features according to local natural resources, history and cultural characteristics, industrial characteristics, commercial foundation, etc. To deepen, extend and integrate Recreational and Convalescent functions and culture, tourism and livelihood in order to create a charming and characteristic town group that integrates new economy, new industry, new business, new brand, new lifestyle.


Cultural and Tourism Terminal

Cruise-economy development both domestic and overseas as guidance, basing on the local circumstances, to cultivate and develop cruise economy as a new economy booster and tourism factor. Developing appealing cruise destination and carry out project planning and enable the development and construction of the region including cruise production reselling, catering, shopping, recreation, commerce, cruise maintenance and repair.  


Small Town Commercial Complex

In-depth study of the urban economic development and population resources of China's counties, focusing on the investment, development and operation of urban commercial complexes in China's county levels.


New Smart Agricultural Trade Complex

Provide new smart farmer market solutions to cooperate with the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, build new smart agricultural trade complex or restructure the old and traditional farmer's markets, and introduce in a new type of retail business with modern online + offline chain operations, with market, supermarket and catering all in one. The first phase of the target is to open 500 branches in Jiangsu.


International Health Industry Park

China Far East Group and the Urumqi Municipal Government have established comprehensive cooperative relationship, and have long-term cooperation in infrastructure and public services, pursuing mutual benefits and win-win results. China's Far East Group exerts its market-oriented effects in Urumqi by taking medical health as the leading industry. Through leading enterprises, it absorbs and drives other small and medium-sized enterprises to settle in, promotes the clustering of upstream and downstream clusters in the industrial chain, and promotes the growth of economic aggregates to improve education, culture, housing, business and other functions. While upgrading the industry, it also pays attention to the upgrading of urban living quality, with a total area of ​​more than 3,000 acres and an investment of 10 billion Yuan.



Urban Renewal Project of “One River, Two Banks and Eight Blocks”

The old town of Midong District was transformed into the “One River, Two Banks and Eight Blocks” with the ancient Mudi river as the central axis, increasing urban green space, increasing urban public service facilities, ecological restoration, urban repair, and finally forming a waterscape on the ancient Mudi river and its banks, in order to create and form a landscape river. After the overall levy and renovation of the shanty towns and urban villages on both sides of the river, they will be integrated into the unique culture of Qiande, rice fragrance and characteristic flowers of the Midong District, and the eight-block layout of ecological green corridors, leisure commercial and livable commercial and residential communities. It will create a livable and ecological leisure city feature for the urban development of Midong District, and also provide more comfortable living environment for the people in Midong District.